Below is a list of professionals that I have worked with or know very well and feel comfortable with recommending.  Please mention my name.

Personal Services

Beauty, Physical Fitness

Alex Roldan Salon
The London Hotel
Los Angeles, CA
310 855 1113

Alex Roldan – style, cut
Andre de la Torre – style, cut, color

The Salon is well located.  Parking is easy.  Walking in, the first thing you notice is how friendly everyone is, a nice change from the typical attitude... Really, all of the stylists at the salon are talented.  They also offer facials, makeup, nails and massage. 


Pure Strength
Melissa Gunn
Certified Superslow Instructor
12265 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA
818 487 7873

Superslow weight training is fantastic.  Melissa has her own, fully outfitted gym and is an enthusiastic coach who makes the 30 minute session go by quickly and almost painlessly.  Look into it.  I can attest to the results!

Jackie Keller, founder
Healthy Catering, educational programs
Just published Body After Baby

Jackie is a highly trained chef and trainer.  She knows what she’s doing and it shows.  She is now getting a lot of media attention as well.

Medical and Psychological

Mark Schenkel, M.D.
7230 Medical Center Drive
West Hills, CA
818 348 5098

Dr. Mark Schenkel is a family doctor, highly trained, smart, patient, incredibly thorough.

Steven Schenkel, M.D. PhD.
116 North Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
310 659 8884

Dr. Schenkel is an adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist, specializing in mood disorders, ADHD, addictive personalities and family issues.  He has extensive training and clinical experience, is extremely competent and highly considered by his peers. 

Yes, the above Schenkels are related to each other and related to me.  They are some of the smartest, kindest people I know.  All of the medical professionals I have listed practice medicine the old fashioned way, with great skill and with true care.

Jennifer Derebery, M.D.
The House Clinic
2100 W. 3rd. St.
Los Angeles
213 483 9930

The House Ear Clinic is world-renowned.  Dr. Derebery is simply, one of the very best in her field.  She specializes in allergies.  Her resume on line understates her accomplishments.


Lillian Szydlo, M.D.
Cedars-Sinai Medical Group
250 North Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA
310 385 3298

Dr. Szydlo specializes in Rheumatology and also does Internal Medicine.  She is extremely smart, thorough, competent and easy to talk to – a dynamic combination.

Personal Coaching, Bereavement Counseling

Krista Wasserman
Los Angeles, CA
310 864 3889

Krista is innately smart and talented.  She has helped many lucky people get it (back) together.


Educational Consulting

Suzanne Rubenstein, PhD.
College Circuit
Los Angeles, CA
310 472 9221

For those of you with kids in school, it’s never too soon to start thinking about college.  Suzanne provides that critical knowledge and counseling that helps you assess which colleges and universities offer the best fit for your child’s talents, abilities, capacities and interests.  She has a national clientele and her firm is top notch in the field.


Event Planning, Wine, Catering

Laura Kimmel Events
Chicago, IL
312 643 2944

I have been to a number of Laura Kimmel events over the years.  They are always festive, memorable experiences.  Creative menu, great, unique venues, brilliantly planned and executed.  She’s fun to work with, very professional, highly detailed.  Also plans events in Washington DC.

Sean Murphy’s TCB Catering
Los Angeles, CA
310 471 4209

Sean has a full service catering and special event business.  He is a seasoned professional in this business so you can relax.  That’s what it’s all about, right?


Creative, Artful Gifts

One of my favorite creative artisans, Joyce Freedman, has been a ceramist most of her grown up life.  She used to teach pottery at her own studio for many years, (she taught me) but gave it up to pursue a business career mid life.  After a brilliant career, she’s back to pottery.  Joyce has created unique and amusing jigsaw puzzles made of pottery pieces, glazed in beautiful one-of-a-kind designs. She makes them in several sizes.  They are simply fabulous. A conversation piece.  A terrific gift to give and to get for yourself.  I have two.  Take a look.

Business Services


ProActive Marketing, Inc
Mary Lee-Wlodek, President
Los Angeles, CA
310 454 4946

Mary is a brilliant ball of fire that will help you build your business.  She has a highly credentialed background and has gotten great results for her clients.

Business Coaching and Leadership Training

Cheryl Berrington
Berrington Group, Inc.
Northbrook, IL

Cheryl has been conducting leadership training seminars for many years, both nationally and internationally.  She is a consummate professional in this arena, counting many of the Fortune 100 among her clients - who book her seminars a year in advance!  She is planning two private seminars this year in leadership, so click on her email to get more info.

Investment Banking          

Jeffrey Wolin
Brighton Capital Partners
Los Angeles, CA
310 277 6092

If your public company needs capital to grow, consider talking to Jeffrey Wolin at Brighton Cap.  A smart attorney by training, for years a successful, resourceful investment banker.  He knows his way around and will counsel you wisely.  Listen.

Maria Hak
MH Capital Partners, LLC
Los Angeles, CA
310 859 3847

If you need or want to sell your company or perhaps are looking for some add-ons to your existing business, consider Maria as a valuable resource.  She’s a smart, experienced investment banker.  She will negotiate on your behalf better that you can for yourself.  I’ve seen her do it.


Litigation Consulting

Randy Ross, CEO
Bruce Ross
Bruce L. Ross and Company
Los Angeles, CA
310 544 8881

The Ross firm provides litigation support services.  They specialize in forensic accounting for damage analysis and computation, fraud investigation and business valuation.  The firm also provides consulting and expert witnesses.  There’s never a dull moment in their business.  Call them if you’re splitting up a business partnership, getting divorced and need a valuation on business assets or think you’re getting ripped off on a licensing deal.  They are the best at what they do.  Randy is an astute attorney, Bruce is an astute accountant.  The firm has many other professionals.  Call them before it’s too late. 

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