I run an advertising agency and needed a fresh look to appeal to my fashion clients.  I found the new Luxury Basics Men's Collection and ordered the Spirit Lock because I was so intrigued by the distinctive style, the meaning behind the piece, and the quality of the Thai silver.  Whenever I wear it, it becomes the topic of conversation and even helped me strike up a conversation at a business function that resulted in a new client!
I am enjoying the chain of hand stamped barrels.  I wear it a lot - the quality and feel and the look are great.
I wear my plain chain of the double link all the time.  It feels great on and I get lots of compliments wherever I go.
I really enjoy my special order neckwear - with the horseshoe chain and the Peace symbol.  The quality is great.  I also use it around my wrist for a change.
My new Om neckwear is "omsome"!  I love to wear it every day.
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