I saw a woman wearing a beautiful necklace and couldn't take my eyes off it so I walked over and commented on how beautiful it was.  She smiled and said "Luxury Basics".  I couldn't wait to get home and look it up.  Within a week I had a beautiful piece similar to hers, custom sized just for me.   
I've always felt good about being charitable but have less to go around these days.  Luckily Luxury Basics makes it easy and affordable to keep on giving by donating 20% of my purchase price from their Spotlight Collection.  Their "Look good, do good, feel good" philosophy helps me feel like I'm doing a great thing when I buy a gift for myself, knowing that a worthy charity will benefit from my purchase!
I can't believe the incredible versatility and value I'm getting from my Luxury Basics jewelry!  I got a promotion that required me to dress more professionally but I didn't have a big budget to accessorize.  I received a neckalce from Luxury Basics as a gift and realized that by adding a couple of pieces from the collection I got a whole new look for the mere cost of a few quality peices.  I and am able to wear each separately with other jewelry from my wardrobe as well as all together for a complete look that I'll be able to wear for many years.  My boss is impressed and I am proud because I look great and didn't spend a fortune though it looks like I did!
Recently, I bought the Thai silver triple strand bracelet with the stamped circles.  I seem to wear it almost every day!  So many people notice it, even guys!  Often, when I'm out to lunch or dinner. It feels great on - I just love it.
I love my new Sterling Silver Fringe.  I was wearing it the other night, went to the ladies room, where another woman liked it so much, she offered to buy it!
Wearing the Coin Drop necklace and earrings to a social gathering was a total transformation for me.  I turned a simple black summer dress into the perfect outfit to socialize and network simply by adding two beautiful pieces from the Luxury Basics collection.  I made quite a few new business contacts and friends because I felt confident but approachable, sexy yet elegant and totally transformed!
I have been a happy customer for quite some time.  Every time I wear a Luxury Basics piece, I am guaranteed to receive compliments -- from everyone, everywhere - quite surprising.  I even had a stranger offer to purchase the necklace right off my neck!  Another surprise is how many outfits each individual piece works with.  I have been on vacation where I brought only a few necklaces and was completely set.  My latest favorites are the Thai silver hammered circle necklace and coordinating bracelet set.  I have several Wrapp necklaces which are really show stoppers and I am a fan of the Coin Pearl drops.  The quality is impressive and there is something that sets the collection apart from what I see at jewelry counters around town.  My friends and family know that when holidays and birthdays come around, that my wish list includes anything from the Luxury Basics collection.  Your designs are truly unique!
Linda from LA
Luxury Basics Thai silver is exceptional.  My newest acquisition is a long, beautiful hammered circle Wrapp with the large "football" drops.  I feel so special wearing this unique design and the number of people noticing it just underscores this.
I am thrilled with my Thai silver Classic Wrapp with hammered disks and matching earrings.  I love silver jewelry and the wares offered by Luxury Basics are wonderful - just my style.  I look forward to wearing them - often!
I was in the elevator of the Novotel Tour Eiffel in Paris--and I got in and immediately the person in the lift said--I love that necklace--she was not French--she was a tourist --but she noticed it immediately. I was wearing the Thai silver Wrapp with the footballs.
Of the many Luxury Basics pieces I own, the never-fail, "I'm gonna be stopped" necklace is my Tourmaline Harmony Wrapp. It is as close as I come to a signature piece. I have never worn it without being stopped in a restaurant, in the theater, in a store, anywhere, without comments. No one has ever been surprised when I tell them that it is a hand-made piece. It has elicited such comments as, "Tell me where you got it, I'm a jewelry whore and I must know!" to "That necklace is absolutely stunning!" Clearly, it appeals to a wide variety of women. The real surprise to me was the day my husband actually suggested that I put it on, noting that my outfit needed something. He has been paying attention after all.
I have had several patients interrupt their examination and folks in line at the airlines ask me about the Thai Silver Classic Wrapp necklace with the hearts and Thai silver hammered disk earrings that I bought to coordinate. I need some of your cards!
My pearl wrap is a one of a kind piece - I often plan my outfits around what I can wear with it!
My tourmaline Ace necklace from Luxury Basics is absolutely perfect for so many occasions - business, casual or evening. The variety of rich, earth tones make it unique and inspire compliments whenever I wear it. I love my Luxury Basics pieces. They have such a nice, rich feel to them and make any outfit feel complete." Leslie has a true talent for designing "luxury basic" jewelry that compliment a wide variety of styles. They truly complete the outfit!"
Mary (a loyal fan)
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