Talisman Collection

According to Webster’s collegiate dictionary, a "talisman" is "an object engraved with figures supposed to possess occult powers, worn as a charm, or anything that exercises a powerful influence." I have been developing the idea for a Collection devoted to symbols and beliefs for awhile, and things sort of clicked for me when I found these hand carved bone symbols from Indonesia and these beautiful hand made silver spirit locks and "om" symbols from northern Thailand.

The Collection is composed of hand made silver from Thailand, which is between 97% and 98% pure fine silver.

This is the story about the spirit locks, as I am able to understand it. The spirit lock, which is an ancient belief, originated with the Hmong tribe of Thailand. They believe that each person is born with seven spirits that protect various aspects of a person’s life and health. If any of the spirits escape the body, then that person may experience consequences such as bad health. The spirit lock is thus worn even as a baby, to keep the spirits "locked in" to your body, to ensure a long and healthy life.

The "Om" is a sacred syllable used as a mantra in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

This Collection is meant for both men and women. It is timeless and will hopefully, keep you connected to the spiritual aspects of yourself that you hold dear.

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