It’s hard to reach adulthood and not have witnessed adversity of some kind, either through the personal experiences of friends, family, yourself or your community. Similarly, living in our world today, it is impossible not to have a keen awareness of the inequalities among the world’s population and challenges now presented to the earth in terms of global warming and dwindling natural resources.

For me, it is important to do my part to make a positive contribution to the issues and causes that I care about.

The Spotlight Collection was conceived with these goals in mind. I have designed a special Collection of necklaces in sterling silver for women. For men, I will simply offer a piece from my newly designed Talisman collection. I will Spotlight the charitable cause or foundation that each necklace will represent and donate 20% of the proceeds of the sale price to that cause.

The first organization in the spotlight is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, known as the JDRF. Take a minute and visit their site, and get familiar with the tremendous progress that is being made in developing treatments and searching for a more permanent cure. Diabetes is a growing, not diminishing, disease. Juvenile diabetes is exceptionally challenging, can affect the very, very young and has a lifelong impact on the child and on the family. Having experienced diabetes first hand, I can attest to the profound affect it has on daily, sometimes hourly activities.

Like so many diseases and issues facing all of us, more needs to done. In the Spotlight Collection, we can buy something beautiful and help others at the same time.

Look good, do good, feel good. It works.

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