Start the week out right by leading with strength! Thai silver, which is about 98% pure fine silver (and doesn't tarnish very fast) is gorgeous to look at and looks great on everyone. The necklaces are incredibly versatile, separately and together - as you can see on our model Bahia, in the picture on the left, who wore the two necklaces together for the debut of the TV show, She's Got the Look, last summer, 2008.)

The picture on the right, of Patrice Fisher, the star of Zane's Sex Chronicles, shows her in a variation of the Must Have selection, the Coin Drop, layered with a beautiful hammered circle choker.

You can see that these designs can get dressed up, but can also go the whole gamut, with suits, dresses, and jeans. The bracelet is fabulous and will get noticed wherever you go. The hammered disk earrings are classic yet modern at the same time. You will be acknowledged in your work setting as someone with good taste, style and judgment.

These pieces will work endlessly in your wardrobe with all colors, fabrics and styles.

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