Whether you wear a suit to work or blue jeans, labradorite - a very cool stone mined in Africa, will take your look to the next level up.  The picture below of  my model, Laurie Mannette, shows her in the Labradorite Classic Wrapp, but I have chosen the simple labradorite choker with a large white pearl as the must have piece because of  the layering possibilities.  The necklace worn solo can accent a tee shirt, or a silk blouse, a dress or a V-neck sweater.  It can be combined with the harmony labradorite necklace for a dressier look in the evening, or an important meeting.

The key point here is the combo of pearls and an iridescent stone that is both subdued and eye-catching.  In a work setting, this is exactly the position you want to be in, not threatening to anyone, yet - engaging.  

Versatility, as always, is the watchword.  Worn together or separately, these necklaces can look modern but with the right outfit, they can also look ethnic.  The earrings are terrific accents, all by themselves. 

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