As we get to the end of the week, we tend to move into the more creative wardrobe choices.  I'm not sure why that is, but maybe because Thursday is the day we need to pick ourselves up a little as the week wears on.  That's why I selected the Pearl Cluster necklace, in either sterling silver or 14k gold.  The length on the necklace will make it great for wearing an open collar, a turtleneck, scoop neck or even a ruffle. 

This is a very cool design, and will attract the attention of your boss and your colleagues.  You will have a chance to "show off" your new piece and discuss the relative merits of natural freshwater pearls compared to man made.  Of course, we know the answer to that one! 

You will want to wear this necklace constantly after work, as well.  With jeans, a black or contrasting suit, a dress - it works with just about your whole closet.  It's extended length also invites layering in shorter necklaces for a more casual look.  There are plenty of shorter ones here at Luxury Basics, but you may even have some of your own as well.

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