The Must Have Work Week Wardrobe

Look Successful, Be Successful

To all of you Fabulous, Smart and Savvy Women in the Workplace:

Whether times are good or bad, we know that the best guiding factor in making purchasing decisions in the wardrobe category is most often, "what makes sense."  I believe that at least half of your whole wardrobe (clothing, shoes, accessories) should consist of core items that can become the base of a wardrobe that you can use in a variety of ways for a variety of occasions.  Once you have built that base, then the spontaneous additions can be fun and bring life to the base.

What I have assembled in the Must Have Work Week Wardrobe, is the foundation pieces of jewelry that don't cost a fortune, but will look great for years, not just a season.  These jewelry selections will give added mileage to your existing wardrobe, and most importantly, will project an image of sophistication and polish in the work place. 

Investment dressing isn't just a suit and a pair of pumps - it's projecting an image of looking put together - knowing that looking successful and feeling confident about your look will engender a positive response.  Appearance does count!  Invest in yourself and your career by projecting your best self on a daily basis.   

You want to stand out in a good's what I recommend:

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