What to wear midweek?  The Quattro - elegant style, large pearls, white or black in sterling silver or 14k gold.  This design is completely timeless and yet, very today.  Yes, it's a little different, like you - but still clearly high quality, like you.  Get it?  Pictured below on Patrice Fisher, the star of Zane's Sex Chronicles, the picture on the left looks like Patrice is wearing a dress, the one on the right, she's in jeans.  Looks great in both!  I picked the Quattro in Black Pearl for the Must Have - classy and expensive looking.

At work, this necklace will convey your confidence of your own good taste and decision making.  You can make a statement about yourself with this necklace and wear it with almost anything, day and night.  

The earrings are also standouts that can stand alone.

These designs always look fresh and will travel well (this duo will be the only set you need).   

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