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It's Been Awhile, So Shoot Me

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Yes, I have been running around a lot in the past month, trying to move my business forward, get my daughter off to overnight camp, attend to the normal daily activities of house and husband, etc.  And I have not been braindead while I have been moving through my little life - no, I have been picking up lots of material for my writing here and elsewhere, when I get a chance. So here's the thing that I have noticed lately.  The world is a crowded place, a competitive one, and a critical, judgmental one.  I know you know that.  But here's what I mean by this observation.  Lately, because I have been multi-tasking at such a rapid rate, I have found it difficult or should I say, lower priority, to plan ahead for certain activities.  For example, the other night, my husband and I decided at the last minute to go out for dinner.  We hopped in our car and drove down into Beverly Hills, which has a multitude of restaurants.  Since parking is at a premium, we found a space first, and then decided which direction to walk.  We chose a street that has many restaurants and started walking.  The first restaurant we came to was a very popular one, very crowded with people waiting outside.  The one next door, owned by the same chef, was more than half empty, still very good, so we walked in. The hostess greeted us and asked us if we had a reservation.  When we said no, she gave us this look of utter contempt and haughty consternation.  My rejoinder to this untoward, unwarranted putdown was to look her straight in the eye and say, "So shoot me."  My response was so unpredictable to her, that she broke out with an uncontrolled smile that seemed to come from the inside out.  After I set her straight, things moved along nicely after that. Yesterday, I was on the phone with American Airlines and American Express travel desks, trying to arrange for a "last minute" vacation in July or August. You would have thought, by the response that I received that I had just asked them to move heaven and earth to get a reservation, somewhere, anywhere.  Again, the remonstrating tone,  the sound of disbelief at my nerve and naivete (not me!) to think for one instant, that there might be airline seats and hotel rooms to be had at this late date for a summer getaway.  Of course, much to their shock and disbelief, there were.  But that was after I had to pull out the refrain,"I know this is last minute, so shoot me" line to knock them off their high horse. In fact, serendipity seems lost in this world.  Especially during prime time.  It's great to be able to plan ahead and I am a planner.  On the other hand, there are times when planning ahead is not top of mind.  Other times when planning ahead means that cancelling is a distinct possibility, even a likelihood when the planning is so far ahead.  It's important to have things to look forward to and to get things on your calendar periodically.  But I still cling to living today and enjoying the day I'm having now.  The future is always out there, but I'm here, now.  So shoot me.  I haven't booked my vacations for next year, nor have I planned which retirement community I will repair to (as if....).  The furthest out I'm thinking right now is this afternoon.  Later today, I will consider making a dinner reservation for tomorrow night.  But that's my limit.  Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned.

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