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Coin Pearl Jewelry

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I am a pearl girl - anyone can tell that from visiting my webstore.  Pearls are natural, one of a kind and have a beautiful feel in your hands, like nothing else.  Although I have an affinity for most pearls, including the South Sea and baroque variety, there is a special place in my design heart for coin pearls.  To me, they are very cool.  They can be large or small and not quite round - but they look, well, counter- intuitive.  Pearls are supposed to be round or at least round-ish, right?  But here is something with the pearl luster but not the shape.  Somehow, it doesn't bother me.  I love the design opportunities they offer, I love the fact that they are really real. In June, I am hoping that my refreshed webstore will be finished and I will be showing a number of new designs, of course, a number of them with coin pearls of all colors and sizes and shapes.  Stay tuned.   

Wearing Thai Silver Jewelry

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This post and the next couple of posts are connected with reaching out to more people who are shopping on the web.  Many of you who are visiting my webstore may not be aware that I have many Collections now available, including a very beautiful and versatile Collection of Thai Silver designs.  I am in the process of remodeling my webstore to make it even better for navigation. Just a word on Thai silver.  It's hand made by a Hill tribe in Northern Thailand.  The silver itself is between 97 to 99% pure fine silver.  Sterling is 92.5% silver for comparison.  As a result, the Thai silver has more luster, doesn't tarnish as quickly and it has a better heft.  All around, a beautiful look. When you get back to my site, click on Product Line, then Thai Silver.

Gold Jewelry Never Goes Out of Style

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It is a lot more expensive to buy, we can all agree on that.  Still, the gold jewelry which you can find in my webstore is 14k, which means that it doesn't fade or wear out like gold filled or gold vermeil.  Because the cost of gold has more than tripled in the past couple of years, many designers have substituted the lesser quality and charged the same price as what gold used to cost.  It's really not right - since consumers aren't really explained the difference. Gold jewelry, when it is 14k, will last a lifetime.  Yes, it is expensive, but you won't have to throw it away after a year or two.  Now, it's an investment.  Because the price of gold has reached over $1000 per troy ounce, many women are taking their old gold jewelry that they don't wear anymore (maybe their grandmother's) and selling it for gold value.  You see, there is a residual benefit to owning something of value.  The other stuff, the gold filled, gold vermeil, etc.  is actually valued only for the design, and for as long as the gold veneer lasts. Take a look at the modern pieces that I have in my webstore.  They could be handed down or melted down - either way! 

Running as if it Matters

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I've been busy lately.  Not that I"m not usually busy, (of course, I am) but lately, busier than I would like.  I have just designed a new men's line of "neckwear" and "wristwear" which is now displayed in the London Hotel (previously the Bel Age in West Hollywood) and will be featured on the men's side of my website by early May. (hopefully)  I have also been developing a new collection for women that I haven't named yet.  Actually, I haven't thought of a name for the men's line either.  I'm working on both, even as I'm sitting here. Still in the mode of considering my life ( and the lives of my friends and loved ones) refracted against the daily grind for the masses.  Naturally, some days, I feel like one of the masses, others I feel grateful not to be one.  The other night, walking the dog with my husband, (a nightly occurrence) I just spontaneously said, "I regret that we're not ultra rich, but I rejoice that we're not poor."  Lately, that's my perspective.  And there's always the unexpected death of a friend"s close friend (yesterday) that concentrates ones thoughts to the essential ones.  The redundant, not so comforting anymore, counting one's blessings.  Doesn't work like the charm it once did.  Could be I'm getting older, or just wiser to the game of life.  If you live long enough and pay attention, at times, a person can see 20 -20.  Clearly, that is.  Hard to keep these moments of clarity uppermost in your consciousness.  But I try. It's time to inject my sense of humor into this un-commented-upon blog.  I promise, for next time.  

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