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My Model Bahia is a Contestant on "She's Got the Look"

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I was thrilled to get an email from Bahia, the gorgeous dark haired model on my website, informing me that she was a contestant on the new show "She's Got the Look."  Essentially, the show is America's Top Model for women over 35.  It debuted last Wednesday night on TV Land channel and the second segment was last night.  Out of thousands of women who tried out, Bahia was in the first cull of 20, then blew through to the top ten. How I met Bahia is a small story in itself.  I was meeting a photographer for the first time at a local coffee shop in Beverly Hills.  I was bringing my jewelry and we were going to talk about a photo shoot for my website.  He brought his girlfriend.  Just as I was entering the door, I noticed sitting outside, Bahia, having a cup of coffee.  I was truly captivated by her natural beauty in repose.  I told the photographer and his girlfriend that the woman outside seemed to me, to be the essence of my jewelry designs and a beautiful representative of my company.   In short order, the photographer's girlfriend walked out, introduced herself, popped the question and soon she was at our table, looking over my things. We have kept in loose contact since the original photo shoot, going our separate ways.  At this juncture, though, I want to offer her all of the support that I can.  She's not only a natural beauty, but a beautiful person as well.  I believe that her inner beauty shows through, both on camera and off. Tune in next Wednesday night and follow the saga of these women contestants.  You know who I'm cheering for!!

Semi Precious Jewelry

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Semi Precious Jewelry is going to be a new area i intend to cover in upcoming blog postings. It will be very interesting to see the new trends developing out of India as they try to compete with the Italians. Stay tuned.

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