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Having Fun in TV Land

08-29-2008  |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
Considering it's still August, my life has suddenly shifted into the faster lane.  I have been keeping a few important developments under my hat, so to speak, but very shortly, next week, to be exact, I plan to break out Luxury Basics from its semi-obscure state. As today's title may suggest, it has to do with TV.  Let me not get ahead of myself.  First, I can tell about the fun I had last week at the filming of a pilot online celebrity show, produced by two quite talented and savvy guys - Michael Yakovchik and Marcelo Alvarez, of the up and coming production company, with whom I have had the recent pleasure of working with on another project. (To be announced)  The star of this new show is Lauren Bergfeld, an adorable, infectiously happy young woman well connected in celebrity-land.  Naturally, when I heard about the show, I offered to bring "a little something" for Lauren to wear with her debut outfit.  Actually, not knowing what she would select to wear, I brought a wide assortment (that I could barely lift!).  Once she settled on her look, her choice of jewelry was inspired.  I think she looked great! Hope you agree.    

Dogging the Days in August

08-13-2008  |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
No, it's not my favorite month.  Beside the overall weather issues, which I try to dodge and deny, there seems to be a malaise that sets in with just about everyone I know.  The accumulated exhaustion of the beginning of the year that combines with the knowledge that it will all crank up again the day after Labor Day?  Maybe.  The fact that half of everyone you know is vacationing somewhere and the other half has their brain on vacation?  Maybe.  August has never really been known as a month of accomplishment, so trying to get something done is challenging, at best. I have been working on a number of different projects, in the multi-tasking model, and hopefully, they will all start to come together - though setting an August deadline seems stupid, at best. Soon I will be working on some creative initiatives designed to enlarge the general audience for my jewelry.  Along these lines, there has been some good news - my jewelry will be featured on an upcoming HBO series called, Zane's Sex Chronicles, based on a popular book of the same name.  There are more things happening in the wings that I will announce in early September, when the general population awakens from the August stupor. In the meantime, enjoy the sleepwalk through the rest of the month and stay tuned.

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