Birthing a Business


A surprising number of my friends have expressed the notion that birthing a business is akin to having a baby.  Having done both, (this is my second startup), I can honestly say that birthing a business and birthing a baby are definitely two different kettles.  And yet……there are compelling similarities.  To state the obvious point that first comes to mind, both are painful! (in their own way, of course.)  The pain of pushing out a baby, however, doesn't last nearly as long as the excruciating, tedious process of pushing out the launch of a business.  Yes, the nine months of planning, dreaming and preparing for the big event does correlate well with the planning, dreaming and preparing for a new business, if you're doing it right.  And, in spite of all the preparation, you're still essentially flying blind, not knowing until the moment of "delivery" what the end "product" will look like or how it will be or how you will feel about all of the foregoing. Yet, there are many differences, right off the bat.  A baby is the product of two and a genetic reflection of those two.  A business begins, at least in my case, as a singular vision.  The process of implementing and then executing that vision, in some ways, (though only in some) is straightforward thereafter, as opposed to raising your child, which is analogous to climbing Mount Everest, without oxygen.  (There are many occasions when I feel short of breath in this effort.) My thoughts and feelings about launching Luxury Basics have probably mirrored some of those that I had newly pregnant, (now that I think about it).  Decidedly mixed, with a lot a trepidation.  Or, put another way, highly stressed, with a calm exterior.  Hard to know how it would or will, all turn out. Kind of like a slow burning fuse that before you know, blows with a bang! and then it's too late anyway to change it or go back and start again. So here I am, at the beginning of a new business.  My baby is 15 now.  The early part of her upbringing is giving way to the really difficult and challenging teenage years.  My new business is in its infancy.  I have to be careful not to push it too hard or expect too much too soon.  Sound familiar?  Still, I can take a firmer hand with my business.  I can try to bring my self into it, without worrying about any genetic predisposition.  At the same time, I need to step back, and pay attention to the signs of both life and death in my product line.  I have to bury the products that don't sell and blow life into the flickering ones that could go either way.  But certainly, I can't get personal with these sparkling adornments. Cling - on doesn't work, in business or anywhere else. I guess I'm ready for the bumps along the way, baby and business.  It's what I've been doing and what I know, in my heart of hearts, that I'm really good at. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.
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