Buy Less, Enjoy it More


There is so much news out there, it's enough to make you gasp for breath.  We have a new, historic President, an economy on the skids and heading further south, a world economy heading in the same direction as us, and lots of the same terrorist threats, ad nauseum.  So what's a person like me, in the jewelry business, to do?  Good question - I ask it of myself every day.  Clearly, jewelry is a luxury, not a necessity.  Further, adding to your jewelry wardrobe is, at best, a low priority.  Wealthier customers may not feel like the timing is right to go out and blow thousands of dollars on baubles to wear to downscaled parties this season. How, then, to justify or rationalize an expenditure that you working women out there who are doing well, thank goodness, would like to entertain in the jewelry department?  I will offer this.  Buy what you really like and will use and enjoy for years to come.  Buy things that are versatile, and can be worn in a multitude of settings.  Try to avoid buying super trendy pieces that will look like yesterday's news by next month.  Focus on pieces that don't repeat what you already have at home.  Stay within your budget.  There.  Do you feel better?  What I'm trying to say is, don't throw your hardearned money away on stuff that will just sit in the drawer.  We all have tons of that. What we need to do now is use this downturn to rid ourselves of all the stuff that we have and don't need or use.  In our closets, in our garages, in our drawers - you get the picture.  We can and should donate these former treasures to others that are is greater need right now.  Then, when you can finally see light in between the hangers in the closet, and space in the drawer, give some careful thought to the life that you are living - the lifestyle, the day to day.  Try being realistic about what you really need to live your life happily and then try being practical about making your holiday list.  Not an easy task, I know. Still, I think the message of what has occurred in our economy today, blended together with the issues relating to our planet should provide the underpinning of a new philosophy of less consumption, greater appreciation of the intangibles in life (love, friendship, family) and a giving an outstetched arm to others that could benefit.  Buy less, enjoy it more. 
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