It's February - Time for a Little Optimism


It's been a long slog through the past year of the economic roller coaster.  Over time, it becomes difficult to live in the dark places of gloom and doom.  I know that for many, things have only changed for the worst.  For many others, things were never that bad but the mood darkened even the lightest of times.  Like so many things in life, acting the part can often get you the part.  Most people in our country pulled back drastically in spending, (including those that really didn't need to) and made things even worse.  Understandable, we were all worried that the country was going down the poop chute.  We pulled back and then almost drove it down that chute.  In the most broad sense, our country has been traumatized with a severe loss of economic wealth and up until Christmas was acting like Scrooge on steroids.  Thankfully, Christmas brought out a little reaching into the pocket, thereby rescuing what was looking like a retail debacle, with reverberations throughout the rest of the economy. Listening to the pundits, both economic and otherwise, it appears likely that our recovery will neither be easy, smooth nor fast.  Instead, we are looking at a bumpy ride over the next couple years, as the country struggles to resorb lost jobs, lost industries and lost opportunities.  Day to day may feel pretty similar to what it has been - mixed news on the economic front combined with the assorted political stalemates that are paralyzing our country. In spite of the upcoming uncertainty, there still can be room for a small bit of cheer.  We have somehow averted cataclysmic disaster economically and we are on the long, windy road back from the brink.  This is the situation now - better than the situation before.   So what do we do about it?  Try to develop a more positive attitude to the present and near term. Thinking positively will help in every way.  I am dusting off my jewelry and creating some new designs.  I will start to move my inventory into stores shortly.  I am thinking creatively about my business prospects and considering new approaches.  If the worst is behind us, then we must conclude that good is ahead of us.  Many very successful businesses began at low points of our economy and built from there.  It can be done.  Just not overnight.  So we need to get some sleep and start putting the pieces back together slowly and steadily, better than before.  That's what I'm trying to do now and I feel better already.  
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