It's March - Let's Put Winter Behind Us


Such a horrible last three or four months, at least as we move into March, the days will get longer and things will start to bloom.  Spring is really my favorite time of year.  So what is there to say?  I have been conspicuously absent these last couple of months, basically trying to assess the local, national and world situation, on an absolute basis and of course, on how it all relates to me.  We all know what the news is.  The question that remains is how to maintain a positive attitude, generate enthusiasm and move forward?  Challenging.........but I am trying. I have created a new section in my webstore - The Must Have Work Week Wardrobe - where I have boiled down the items from my various Collections to the essential few that will take the working woman through her week, out at night and traveling.  You can find it on the Home Page and click from there.  I will be sending out a Press Release shortly. I'm still creating new pieces and have a fresh Collection waiting to be photographed.  Maybe in late spring or early summer.  So many of my friends are experiencing the trauma of the downturn emotionally, though not necessarily financially, the timing just doesn't feel right yet. In the meantime, this whole economic nightmare gives us all a chance to cultivate the notion of living each day as it comes and celebrating the small as well as the big.  Spending a little money, or giving a little money (or both) also wouldn't hurt.  What's important now is to take the control of the things that are within your control and stop ruminating over those that are beyond your control.  Stay focused on the good, watch less news on TV, and hopefully, by the end of this year, things will start to improve.  Fingers crossed.
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