I'm tired.  I wake up that way most mornings at 6:30 am when my alarm goes off.  Have to drive my daughter to school each day, be there before 8 am.  She's not fully awake either, but she's not supposed to be - she's a teenager and needs endless amounts of sleep.  I remember well the Saturday mornings waking up after noon, not really sorry that half the day had already passed me by.  I was happy sleeping then, just like I would be happy sleeping now, albeit, now the idea of half the day slipping away under the covers is actually unacceptable.  I have to live more of each day now, since I'm way over 40 and the days seem to count more. One of the reasons that I may be tired, since I'm not exactly sure of the reason, is that I am in a constant mode of juggling.  Nothing new to most of you women readers, and I bet you're tired too.  Each day presents a long list of disparate tasks and activities that I must accomplish or complete.  Otherwise, someone may suffer, starve or at least complain. When I was a busy CEO and running large companies, somehow the juggling didn't seem as drastic, although I was working pretty much from morning until 11 at night when I would collapse.  Only to wake up and repeat.  I was tired then too. Now, I have a business that I am in the process of launching and building, which really should be a full time business and some days it is.  I also manage the social and business calendar of my husband, as well as all of his financial activities in his business as well as mine and ours.  Then there's my daughter's school and social schedule, periodic doctor and orthodontal visits, travel schedules, home related issues such as repairs, groceries, garden etc.  Then there are larger family issues which include my parents and my husband's mother, both sides living in different cities.  The sandwich generation somehow doesn't capture the experience.  Am I the ham or the cheese or both?  Feeling consumed bit by bit may be a little closer to the periodic feelings that wash over. Time for myself?  When I'm sleeping, naturally. And I count myself among the very lucky ones.  Currently, there are no pressing health worries to pimplify (my word) the rest of the enumerated above.  Nor are there two families with one divorced parent and two sets of kids to add to the mix.  We don't have older family members living with us or across the street.  Nor do we worry about our mortgage.  (Paying for college may be another story.)  So there, I counted my blessings, as I do routinely and daily, when I wake up tired.  Eventually, the tiredness does yield, either to full fatigue or oftentimes, if I'm engaged in a stimulating activity, a full remission in the feelings of tiredness.  Energy returns, I feel alive.  Like right now.  I'm thinking, writing, communicating, getting something off my chest.  Now, off I go to visit  4 hotels and see the rooms they have to offer for a trunk show that I'm planning.  Then, a stop at the grocery, post office, go exercise, home to make dinner.  A typical day.  I guess I can rest when I'm dead. Stay tuned.  I have several more posts that I will be adding this week.  
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