Jumping in with Both Feet


That's what I did this morning when I sent out the link to my new interview series on YouTube, called Fashion Styling Secrets from Zane's Sex Chronicles.  In the 4 segment series, I interview Moonglow, the talented Costume Designer from the series who did a really terrific job, given the usual constraints of budget and deadlines.  Luxury Basics (my jewelry) was prominently featured on two of the main characters in the series, which will air on Cinemax on October 10th. Filming the series, which we did in a great new restaurant and bar, The Oak Room Bistro and Bar, managed by my friend Sean Murphy, was a lot of fun, considering we're rank amateurs.  Of course, I could use voice lessons and acting lessons if I want to continue to have lunch in this town, but since this is my first go at it, I do admit to a wee bit of pleasure that it isn't a total bomb. (Although if it was, I promised Moonglow that it would never see the light of day) The funny thing about the Zane's series is that, completely unprompted by me, Moonglow put my jewelry on the main character, who plays a CEO, and one of her best friends, who plays a doctor.  He was completely unaware that I am designing for the working and professional woman, (as well as the "professionally retired woman") but I guess the jewelry spoke to him and guided him to the right necks, as it were. This season will be a busy one for me, thankfully.  We'll see how this first segment does and we will be releasing one per week leading up to the show.  I'm lucky to have Cheri Gerson working with me now in Marketing and Communications - so I will get getting the message out, finally, that Luxury Basics is ready and open for business.  That's what this whole thing is about.  I have many other things going on in the pipeline, so stay tuned.  If you have a minute, tune in to my first performance.            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69W360IjBus    

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