Neiman-Marcus and the Downturn


I just got back from a quick trip to Neimans to pick up some skin cream (Darphin) that was on a special.  Of course, I had a few spare minutes, so I circled around the first floor, with particular attention to the jewelry section, natch.  I am happy to report that there was an unbelievable amount of gorgeous jewelry there - looked to me like the department had expanded, yet again.  David Yurman had his own section of at least 6 cases, brimming with his signature stuff.  Steven Dweck's star must be falling, since his once prominent place front and center, was now given to Ippolita.  Dweck was now in the back, with only two cases.  So it goes in the jewelry wars. One thing that I noticed right away that wasn't falling - prices.  I guess the sky's the limit these days, for semi-precious jewelry.  I didn't even make it to the back corner to look at the fine jewelry, I was too dizzy with sensory overload to have taken it in.  The styles, the colors of the stones, the gold (mostly) the gigantic Tahitian pearls, the big, the small....I tried to absorb it all.  One problem that I didn't have today, was getting a close look at each counter.  It seemed like quite a while passed before I noticed another person in the whole department.  A man on his lunch break, likely on the hunt, though he didn't look like today would be the day.  Things are very quiet. With the economy in shambles and the election impending, it's hard to concentrate on bling.  Still, there are many of us still lucky to be in the workforce, toiling away.  Once in a while, a little reward is necessary, to remind us that we still count, at least to ourselves.  We need to be prudent with our hard earned dollars, not waste them or throw them away on bling or things that don't matter or that only last (or look good) for a season. I noticed in the paper today that a woman was promoted to the CEO position of DuPont, a Fortune 100 corporation. Her picture showed her in a big black pearl necklace with matching black pearl earrings.  Classic, power jewelry that won't need to be tossed next year, or any year.  It's important to periodically be reminded that investments come in many forms.  By investing in your personal style, you are also communicating to others that you are intentional, that you are responsible and pay attention to both detail and your whole look.  In short, you are in control.  Others will sense your aura of authority and respond. Something to keep in mind this season when shopping.   Luxury  
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