Things are Looking Up


I am encouraged by so many good things happening in our economy, at long last.  Now that it's Spring, for me, it's time to start looking in the closet and reevaluating what belongs and what doesn't.  That's my next task.  In my case, the closet, which my father refers to as "the tunnel" has a myriad of opportunities to go back in time - if I'm in the mood.  If not, those beautiful clothes of a few years gone by continue to pile up and suck up the room that my new additions need.  Every season, it's like this.  What to keep, what to give up.  For some, this process is not a big deal.  For others, like me, there may be history in the clothes that I am not yet ready to part with.  I'm sure that I do hold on too long to some things, knowing full well that I won't wear them again, yet I still want to see them in my closet.  I try to choose a morning to start the "repurposing" process.  It can sometimes take a few mornings to complete.  Right now, I'm still sitting with all of my dark winter clothes in front of me, with 70 degree weather and sunshine outside.  I'm very aware of my ambivalence about this closet purge - not quite ready to change.  Maybe tomorrow morning. I have been dreaming of new jewelry designs, lately - surely a good sign that my optimism is returning.  I'm looking forward to a much better second half of this year. 
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