Time Out for a Beauty Commercial


I don't know about you, but for most of my grown up life, my product choices in the beauty category were made long, long ago as a teenager in high school.  For the most part, they were never really challenged.  I was more or less happy with my skin care, cosmetics and hair care products and used them loyally for years and years.  That all changed this past year as I began to notice that most of them were suddenly, not working anymore. This unmistakeable fact led me to the makeup counters of a myriad of companies, some old and some new in several department stores searching for products that worked for me.  This was more of a process than I originally thought, with trial and error the order of the day.  Of course, all of the beautifully coiffed and made up women behind the counter were convinced of the quality and value of their product line.  In truth, we're all different in our attitudes towards make up and being "made up" and what we are willing to invest in terms of time, effort and dollars to the daily "toilette." For me, I want maximum benefit for minimum of effort.  Period.  Money is less a factor than time.  Ten minutes in the shower, ten minutes to blow dry, five minutes in the morning for make up, five minutes at night to remove.  Of course anti-aging is critical, but it better not take too long. So I thought that I would share some of my new product discoveries with you.  They are all really great to use and they do deliver.  Skin Care.  My skin is now resting comfortably in the domain of Darphin, a small French company recently bought by Estee Lauder (since they buy almost everything). I use Stimulskin Plus, which is expensive but supposedly has anti-aging agents, or almost any of their moisturizers - they're all really excellent.  I also alternate with skin care products from Fresh, called Creme Ancienne, another expensive one with anti-aging, and Rice Creme both really great. To remove my eye makeup, I rely on Pond's cold cream, deep cleanser.  I still haven't found anything better. To remove the face makeup, I go back to Darphin, to their Intral Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin (even though my skin isn't that sensitive).  I just love the smell of the cream though it doesn't linger too much, which is nice too. Cosmetics.  For foundation, I am really happy with Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick.  It is so nice to put it directly on your skin without getting your fingers involved - it goes on just exactly how you want it.  Really an innovative product. For blush, again Bobbi Brown - Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks.  I have only used it for cheeks with a sponge.  Great natural color that doesn't look fake. For mascara, here is a must try.  And I was definitely not a believer, me, of the make-it-fast school of makeup.  Somehow the combination of the Lancome lady and piping-in of my teenaged daughter compelled me to buy Lancome's Booster XL, a mascara base which is white, to be followed immediately by the application of Lancome Definicils, high definition mascara.  Yes, it is a two step process.  It doesn't take much extra time.  However, the results ARE something to write home about.  You will be amazed at how defined your lashes become.  Your friends will notice, even strangers.  Try it. For eye pencil, I realize that this category has a lot of personal taste.  I like my pencil not to smudge or sink into my skin and make me look tired at 10 in the morning. The pencil of choice in this category, after sampling dozens and spending a small fortune, is, hands down, by MAC - called the Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, made in Germany.  Nothing better. I'm sure that you can smudge if you want, but you would have to be intentional about it. For lips, Bobbi Brown, SPF 15, Lip Shine, Rouge Brilliance.  Looks great, feels great.  Stays on.  Doesn't smell or taste. For lips and hands at night, before going to bed, Vaseline.  It is truly my beauty secret.  Put it on religiously every night.  It works. For hair.  No conditioners.  My hair stylist forbids it.  Instead, he uses, and now I use, Chihtsai, Olive Instant Treatment, on wet hair before blow drying.  It leaves my hair soft, not dry, and manageable.  It's expensive, but used very sparingly.  My jar is almost one year old. For soap.  I love soap.  I could go on and on here.  But for now I will only mention Fresh, the Sugar Lychee and Lemon scents are fantastic.  Any of the others they make are wonderful as well.  So there it all is.  I could do a commercial for any one of these products.  That is, until they stop working for me.......
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